Best answer: What kind of transmission fluid does a 4l80e take?

How much transmission fluid does a 4L80E need?

Amsoil claims the Initial fill on the 4L80E is 7.7 quarts and the Total fill is 14.0 quarts. If you have the extra cooler it may be a little more.

Are all 4L80E transmissions the same?

4L80E Differences:

’91 -’96: They are all pretty much the same. They were also known to have a crappy connector that passes through the case. Most have had them updated by now, but there are still some that haven’t and might need replacing.

How long do 4L80E transmissions last?

IMHO, the 6.5’s and 4L80E’s are capable of 500,000 miles…

How much HP can a 4L80E handle?

In short, Performance Automatic yields a 4L80E engineered to handle 700+ horsepower and comparable torque.

How much fluid does an Allison 1000 hold?

Fluid and filter change will hold about 7.5 qts.

Will a 5.3 bolt up to a 4L80E?

A standard crankshaft, like the 5.3-liter engines use, projects out only . … So basically, the 4l80E was designed to work on an engine with a long crankshaft. In order to mate the 5.3 to the 4L80 transmission, we needed PN 551356X, which is a PRW dished flexplate that is SFI 29.1 certified and includes the bolts.

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How many gears does a 4L80 have?

There are five gears in a four-speed overdrive transmission: First, Second, Third, Overdrive, and Reverse. All of these gears have a clutch assembly that uses springs to keep the gear disengaged.

Does a 4L80 need a computer?

The only logical transmission for our 4×4 was the 4L80E four-speed automatic transmission commonly found in 3/4- and 1-ton GM trucks and SUVs. … The only downfall of this swap is that the 4L80E is an electronic transmission that generally requires an additional computer and wiring harness to operate properly.

How much does it cost to rebuild a 4L80E transmission?

A local transmission shop will rebuild a 4L60E for around $900 to $1,200 and a 4L80E for $1,300 to $1,800, with used units going for about $400 and $600 to $1,000, respectively.

How reliable is the 4L80E?

But while the 4L80E is a strong, heavy-duty transmission, during the first few years of production the 4L80E was not as durable as its design permitted due mainly to faulty parts. As such, most of the 1991-1992 454SS trucks came with 4L80E transmissions that had faulty parts from the factory.

Is the GM 4L80E a good transmission?

The GM 4L80E Automatic for Max Power and Good Cruisin’

Overdrive transmissions are great inventions. They allow a car to run deep rear gears for tire-smoking or wheel-hangin’ launches yet still maintain some semblance of highway cruising ability. The problem is durability.

How strong is a stock 4L80E?

How much power can the 4L80E handle? A totally stock unit or rebuild will typically live well with up to 450 flywheel HP/TQ.

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What is the strongest GM transmission?

The 6L90 is the strongest of GM’s family of Hydra-Matic six-speed automatic transmissions.

How much is a built 4L80?

The Stage 5 4L80E build is the Stage 4 build but adds a 36 element sprag Super Drum for increased power capacity up to and over 1400-1500 HP/TQ.

Stage 5 – Warranted 1500+ HP.

Price Build # Build Description
$5500 4L80-5FM Full manual forward pattern
$6450 4L80-5RMTB Reverse manual Transbrake