Does the motor car and inside both experience the same force?

Now, Rahul said that both motorcar and insect experienced the same force and change in their momentum. According to third law of motion – For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

When an insect hits a car each of them exert the same force Reason R ): The insect has more mass than the windshield?

Kiran suggested that the insect suffered a greater change in momentum as compared to the change in momentum of the motorcar(because the change in the velocity of the insect was much more than that of the motorcar).

Which of the following statements are correct in the situation of an insect hitting a fast moving car?

Rahul’s suggestion is correct, i.e., insect and motor-car experience same force and change in momentum.

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When an insect hits the windshield of a moving car?

The windshield exerts a force of 1N on the bug and the direction that the car is moving. When a bug hits the windshield of a moving car, why does the bug get “squished” while the car suffers no significant damage? The windshield exerts a force of 1N on the bug and the direction that the car is moving.

What is the momentum of Rahul’s car a before collision?

According to the law of conservation of momentum, the momentum of a system before collision is equal to the momentum of the system after collision. Hence, the change in momentum of the car and insect system is zero.

Which vehicle experiences the greater force of impact?

Answer : (a) Both will experience same amount of force of impact by third law of motion. (b) Mass of truck is greater then mass of car and initial ad final velocity of car ad truck are same i.e., v ad 0 respectively, therefore it will experience greater force of impact.

What happens when the same force is applied to two objects of different masses?

​The second law shows that if you exert the same force on two objects of different mass, you will get different accelerations (changes in motion). The effect (acceleration) on the smaller mass will be greater (more noticeable).

Which of the two forces is greater the force on the bug or the force on the windshield?

Newton’s laws of motion require an equal and opposite force. The bug hits the windshield with the same magnitude of force as the windshield hits the bug, just in opposing directions.

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What makes a bug splat?

Overall, most bug splats occur at night. Like the moth, as well as some flies, mosquitoes, and beetles, they’re attracted to light—and mistake the headlights for moonlight. Flying a mere 4 to 5 feet off the ground, windshields are the perfect height to catch these misguided insects, which unknowingly meet their demise.

Why do bugs splatter on windshield physics?

Why does the vehicle make such an impact? Insects are less likely to hit the windshield when a vehicle is traveling slower. This is due to the “physics of airflow” around the vehicle. They either wind up getting trapped in the airflow or flying above the car.

Can forces change the momentum of a body?

A force acting for a given amount of time will change an object’s momentum. … If the force acts opposite the object’s motion, it slows the object down. If a force acts in the same direction as the object’s motion, then the force speeds the object up. Either way, a force will change the velocity of an object.

What does the law of conservation of momentum Tell us about collisions?

One of the most powerful laws in physics is the law of momentum conservation. … For a collision occurring between object 1 and object 2 in an isolated system, the total momentum of the two objects before the collision is equal to the total momentum of the two objects after the collision.

What is the momentum of an object of mass m moving with a velocity v?

The momentum, p of an object is defined as the product of its mass, m and velocity, V. Momentum = Mass x Velocity. That is, p = mv.

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