How long can I use my Britax car seat?

Infant car seats have a service life of 6 years. Convertible car seats generally have a service life of 7 years. ClickTight Convertible car seats have a service life of 10 years. Harness-2-Booster seats have a service life of 9 years.

Where is the expiry date on a Britax car seat?

Britax Expiration Dates and Where to Find Expiration Date on Britax Car Seat

model expiration date expiration date location
Britax® One4Life ClickTight All-in-One 10 years after the date of manufacture. Located on label under seat cover.

Do car seats expire after 2 years?

Yes, car seats typically expire after six years from the date of manufacture. A sticker that provides the serial number includes manufacture and expiration dates. … Rather, you should plan on replacing them at or around the expiration date.

Do car seats really expire after 6 years?

There is no government regulation that requires an expiration date on car seats in the United States. However, NHTSA does recommend expiration dates due to the possible changes in regulations over time. … Most car seats expire after 6 to 7 years from the date of manufacturer.

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What is the weight limit for Britax car seat?

BRITAX INFANT CAR SEATS Fit children from birth to 35 pounds (15.9 kgs), are rear-facing only, and offer the convenience of transporting sleeping baby from car to stroller and back again.

How long is a Britax Roundabout good for?

7 yr lifespan before seat expires.

How many years is a car seat good for?

Car seats can be used safely only for a defined period of time, typically 7 to 10 years. Think about it: Your car seat goes through a lot during its useful life.

Is it OK to use expired car seat?

Expired car seats may not adequately protect riders in the event of a crash. That’s why the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) urges parents to avoid using car seats that are past their use-by dates, or seats without expiration dates that are more than six years from date of manufacture.

Can you reuse car seats?

Car seats should never be used – regardless of condition – 10 years after they were made. And many car seats today actually come with expiration dates that are 5-8 years from the manufacture date.

How do I know if car seat is expired?

In terms of how to tell if a car seat is expired, the best way is to look for a small white sticker somewhere on the seat that contains information like the manufacture date, serial number, model number and car seat expiration date. Other brands have this information imprinted somewhere on the plastic shell.

Is Walmart doing a car seat trade in 2020?

Walmart is now offering car seat trade-in events. We’ve got the details on what you can trade in, coupons you will receive, and how it stacks up to Target’s program. Walmart is getting ready for its next car seat trade-in event.

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Is it illegal to use expired car seats in Canada?

When shopping for a child car seat or booster seat, look for the National Safety Mark label attached to the seat. Every child car seat and booster seat sold in Canada has an expiry or useful life date on them. They should not be used if they have passed the date.

Do strollers expire?

The simple answer is no. Strollers do not have an exploration date and with the proper care can go on to be used for multiple children. If you see an expiration date on your travel system package this date is actually for the car seat and car seat base.

When can I turn my Britax car seat around?

In fact, it’s best for children to remain in a rear-facing car seat for as long as possible, until at least 2 years of age or until reaching the maximum height, weight, or seated shoulder height capacity of the seat.

Is Britax car seat safest?

Britax Marathon Clicktight Safety Rating

The Wirecutter named the Marathon ClickTight their “Top Pick” for the safest convertible car seat due to its ease of installation features, side-impact crash test results, ease of use, and extended rear-facing weight range.

How can I make my Britax car seat more comfortable?

The Britax Marathon ClickTight Cover Sets are ideal for parents who want to make their child’s car seat experience more comfortable. The lightly padded shoulder pads and buckle pad will provide gentle relief from the uncomfortable shoulder straps and buckle.

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