How much does a 6l90 transmission weigh?

How much does a 6L80 transmission weight?

It features a dry weight of ~195 lbs. and can weigh up to ~230 lbs. full. Like earlier automatics, the 6L80 features one line pressure tap available for testing and diagnostic purposes.

How much HP can a 6L90 handle?

The 6L90 transmission is not a terrible transmission. In fact, it is a high-performance component capable of handling up to 700 horsepower.

Which transmission is better 6L80 or 6L90?

The 6L90 is the strongest of GM’s family of Hydra-Matic six-speed automatic transmissions. … The 6L90 shares about 75 percent of its parts with the 6L80 and the case is slightly longer. The 6L90 offers drivers shift control, with tap up/tap down shifting, and grade braking.

Can I swap a 6L80 for a 6L90?

6L80 converter will work with a 6L90.

What did 6l90e come in?

General Motors 6L90-E Automatic Transmission

The 6L90 is found in Chevrolet Silverado HD and GMC Sierra HD pickups beginning with the 2007 model year. It is also used in the 2010 to current Chevrolet Express/GMC Savana 2500/3500 van series.

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Is the 6L90 an Allison transmission?

Registered. You have an Allison, as the it’s the only transmission choice behind a Duramax in the ‘07.5+ trucks. Similarly, when you get the LY6 6.0L gas engine in an ‘07.5+, the only transmission option is the 6L90.

What year did the 6L90 come out?

GM 6L80 transmission

6L80 · 6L90
Production 2005–present
Body and chassis
Class 6-Speed Longitudinal Automatic Transmission
Related ZF 6HP Aisin AWTF-80 SC Ford 6R transmission GM 6L50

How do I identify a 6L90 transmission?

there is a 4 digit designation on it… the first digit is a number and designates the Model yr… the 2nd digit is either a “B” or a “C” or a “D”….. the B is for 6L50, the C is for a 6L80, and the D is for a 6L90….. so for example…. a 1DKA is a 2011 model yr 6L90 transmission…. the last two letters is the …

How long do Chevy truck transmissions last?

This type of transmission usually lasts between 150,000 and 200,000 miles. As always, with proper maintenance and care, it is possible to extend the life of your transmission past 200,000 miles. Chevy Silverados are usually automatic, so you can hope to see your transmission last 200,000 miles.

How much HP does a 6.0 Vortec have?

6.0L Vortec V-8 Engine Specs

Engine: General Motors 6.0L Vortec V-8 (Vortec 6000)
Fuel: Regular unleaded gasoline, E85 Flex Fuel compatible
Peak Horsepower: 360 hp @ 5,400 rpm
Peak Torque: 380 hp @ 4,200 rpm
Governed Speed: 6,000 rpm

How much torque can a 6L80E handle?

New SuperMatic 6L80E Six Speed Transmission Can Handle 650 LB-FT.

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How long does a 6L80 transmission last?

In calling around to local transmission shops the general consensus is that these transmissions will only reasonably last 80 to 100 thousand miles without either the pump or torque converter going out.

How much is a new 6L80 transmission?

6L80 Transmission $2,495 | 5-Year Warranty | Money Back Guarantee.