Question: What is the purpose of a shift kit in a transmission?

For manual transmission equipped cars, it is a component that replaces the stock gear selector (shifter). A shift kit usually shortens the throws of selecting a gear (also known as a short throw shift or short shifter), therefore allowing a driver to reduce the shift time and change gears more efficiently.

Is a shift kit good for a transmission?

Installing a shift kit can also help your transmission last longer. This happens by reducing the slippage and shift overlap that is inherently built into a transmission to create those smooth shifts.

What does a shift improver kit do?

The B&M 4L60E Shift Improver Kit mechanically recalibrates your transmission to produce firm positive shifts, this helps reduce clutch pack heat build-up and improves transmission durability. This kit does not change or modify shift point RPM in any range.

How much does a shift kit cost?

The cost of an automatic transmission shift kit can range anywhere between $50 and $970.

How do you tell if you have a shift kit installed?

Forum Addict. JipJop, if those shifts are consistent and ‘firm’ even when you’re cruising I’d say you’ve got a shift kit. If you don’t have one already, you should get yourself a decent ratcheting shifter. They’re pretty straightforward to install and it will complement the shift kit nicely.

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What does a TH350 shift kit do?

At least half a dozen shift kits are on the market for the TH350 transmission. They all share similar components and are designed to improve shift performance by increasing line pressure, volume of fluid to the clutch packs, and timing of the shifts for less overlap and shorter/ firmer shifts.

What are the symptoms of a bad valve body?

The valves will wear down, the channels can be abraded and become oversized, and the whole valve body unit can become warped. Signs of a bad valve body can be fluid leaks, slipping during gear changes, or even failure to go into gear.

How can I make my automatic transmission go faster?

Yes, to make your car shift faster we recommend using a throttle response controller to start. This will be the best and easiest upgrade to do at home. Personalize your gas pedal response so that you can get power from RPM and torque sooner. This will get you up to speed easier using your existing horsepower.

What does a shift kit do for a 4L60?

Several companies offer shift kits for the 4L60 transmissions; however, installing a shift kit can be a detailed and complicated process. Shift kits are designed to reprogram the shifting of the transmission. They do so by controlling the flow rate, pressure, and timing to the various components of the transmission.