You asked: Will a 351 Windsor fit a c6 transmission?

— No, that 351W will not bolt onto your 351M C6. — No, all 351W engines used the 351W bellhousing pattern, shared by the 302, 289, and 300-I6. — Your C6 uses a pattern shared by the 351C, 351M/400M (same engine block), and 429/460.

What engines fit a C6 transmission?

The C6 was used in trucks and cars with larger engines. Five different bell housing varieties exist for use with various Ford engine families: The Windsor pattern was used on the 300 I6, the Ford Windsor engines and the 351 Cleveland. The 460 pattern was used on the 351M and 400 and all of the Ford “385” engines.

What transmissions will fit a 351 Windsor?

The B&M C6 PreRunner/Trail automatic transmission is for use in RWD Ford applications with a 13 1/2-inch tailshaft and 5 1/8-inch separation of top bellhousing bolts. This transmission will work on 289, 302, 351 Cleveland and 351 Windsor engines (does not fit 351M engine.)

Will a 351 Cleveland bolt to a C6 transmission?

Sorry the 351 C uses a small block bolt pattern on the trans the 351 M uses a big block bolt pattern and will swap with no problem. You can use your internal components from your current C6 in a big block C6.

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What does a C6 transmission fit?

Also, the C6 transmission was used in high-performance vehicles as well as trucks with more significant engines such as Ford trucks, passenger cars, and Lincoln cars. The C6 was evident in the Ford F-Series between 1967 to 1996 as well as the Ford Bronco between 1978 to 1991.

When did Ford stop using the C6 transmission?

The Ford C6 transmission would go on to enjoy a 30-year service life as Ford phased it out in 1996 to make room for overdrive versions of its big transmission line-up. Today, the C6 is still the go-to Blue Oval piece when you are looking to harness big horsepower.

Which transmission is better C4 or C6?

The C4 transmission was primarily used in cars. The C6 transmission could handle more power. Due to the ability to handle more power, the C6 transmission was used in many Ford trucks with bigger engines, and in larger cars that were manufactured with bigger engines.

Will a T5 transmission fit a 351W?

It will work. The 351W uses a 164 tooth flywheel, but as long as you use a 157 tooth 302 flywheel, it fits.

Will a C4 bolt to a 351W?

Most, if not all C-4s have the small block bolt pattern, So it should work fine.

Will a 4R70W bolt to a 351W?

Bronco Guru

– A 4R70W or AODE from behind any 5.0 (302) or V6 3.8L Mustang or V6 4.2L F150 will bolt up/work behind any 289/302/5.0/351W/351C/5.8L.

How do I identify a C6 transmission?

Look for a seam between the bell housing and the body of the transmission. If no seam exists, the transmission is a C6. If a seam does exist, it will be necessary to inspect the oil pan to determine whether the transmission is a C3 or a C4.

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Is the Ford C6 transmission a 4 speed?

Transmission Types

The C6 is a non-electronic, three-speed transmission. The AOD features a four-speed, non-electronic transmission. It was not until 1992 that Ford introduced the electronic version of the AOD, the AODE.

How strong is a C6 transmission?

The horsepower of the C6 stock transmission has been measured at 300 horsepower, while the torque has been rated at 250 nM.